We create innovative products that solve the unmet needs of our society.

From respiratory care to wound care, we’re engaged in creating game-changing advancements in efficacy and value that:
● beneficially impact patient healing,
● reduce the work burden of healthcare professionals and
● cut healthcare costs.

As the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus continues to exact a calamitous $16 trillion cost on the U.S., with an $8.5 trillion tab projected for health loss and rehabilitation, we have engineered the SentriO Oxy™ to mitigate this disaster. Product launch anticipated in October 2021.

Achieving up to 80% alveolar O2 concentration, this game-changing newly FDA-approved SentriO Oxy™ super-oxygenating mask system will beneficially impact patient healing, reduce the work burden of healthcare professionals and cut healthcare costs for government and third-party payors. Literally, everyone wins.

SentriO Oxy™ is an extremely versatile device. From its initial deployment in the field (such as EMS call) to the emergency department, medical floor or ICU, this single-use device will serve the patient through discharge or to the point of being put on a ventilator. In most instances, especially when deployed early in the infection, it could the need for hospitalization or invasive ventilation by providing a much higher margin of oxygen saturation than previously available. This game-changing device will become available in production quantities around August 31, 2021, and provide substantial benefits to all stake holders in the COVID healthcare matrix as follows:

  • COVID patients diagnosed with significant clinical hypoxia (≤95% oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry) may be protected against hypoxia-associated multi-organ damage using SentriO Oxy. This treatment can begin [i] at home, using an oxygen concentrator as the oxygen source, [ii] anywhere in the hospital, from ED to ICU, and [iii] upon earlier discharge to home care. As a product that improves oxygenation, it has many applications outside of COVID, from chronic cardiopulmonary diseases to hospice care to rapid recovery on cruise lines.

  • Because SentriO Oxy™ is the only oxygenation mask capable of delivering high concentration of oxygen comparable to a ventilator or HFNC (high flow nasal cannula)—YET requires only low flow oxygen—it enables hospitals to broaden their service base beyond the hospital walls and generate new revenue via Acute Hospital Care at Home. The device is easy to use as shown in this YouTube video.

  • Compared to HFNC which uses 86,400 liters of oxygen per patient per day, SentriO Oxy will save 72,000 liters of oxygen per patient per day! Whether the hospital is paying one penny or ¼ penny per liter of oxygen, it’d save $180 to $720 per patient per day just on oxygen savings alone. And just reducing the oxygen usage by 5 LPM per patient for a 300-bed hospital would result in saving 2.2 million liters of oxygen per day. That oxygen consumption will alleviate the national oxygen crisis as reported by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

  • Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals have been fatigued from overwork and are at or near their breaking point. Florida hospitals are unable to fill nursing vacancies even at $130/hr., and the attrition will likely increase. Respiratory Therapists cost even more. SentriO Oxy will provide hospitals with both staffing and economic relief. The system is so safe, it is classified under Class I by FDA. We anticipate its exceptional efficacy will lead it to being used in even the ICU to avert ventilator dependency. Because we prefer to involve physicians in the care process, we voluntarily made it a prescription-only product in the United States.

  • Before the COVID pandemic got really severe between November 2020 through January 2021, and before anyone knew there’d be so much vaccine hesitancy and a delta variant that is far more infectious, Harvard economists published in JAMA a study predicting COVID will cost our nation $16 trillion, with a staggering $8.5 trillion for treating lost health and rehabilitation. Because SentriO is uniquely suited to provide high oxygenation treatment early on, it holds great promise to reduce the risk of long-term complications. Every dollar spent on SentriO in the early phase of hypoxia will avoid many thousands of dollars more in future rehab costs.

Consequently, by applying HEOR (health economics outcome research) analysis, it is evident SentriO Oxy is a tremendous bargain that pays for itself innumerable times.

Indeed, no hospital or healthcare system can afford NOT to use it.

Two university medical centers have tested and validated SentriO Oxy’s exceptional oxygenation ability and plan to adopt it across their affiliated hospitals. We are ramping up production capabilities not only to meet their need but also the anticipated needs of many hospitals across the nation .

Chronic wounds are a serious problem that affects 6.5 million Americans and costs over $50 billion a year in the United States alone. The more than 50 million annual in-patient surgical procedures as well as out-patient surgical procedures are at risk of developing SSI (surgical site infections) which cost $10 billion in uncompensated care annually. SSI is the third most costly type of healthcare-acquired infection (HAI) with an estimated cost of $20,785 per patient case. With rising costs of healthcare, the importance of affordable, infection-free healing through improved technologies becomes even more compelling. Since its founding in 2009, HealO has developed and patented a range of game-changing wound care technologies, including advanced wound therapies under the O-ACE-Sys® platform, control modules and dressings such as the ClearHeal® and BeneHeal®.